Social Services

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Program
The Indian Child Welfare (ICWA) Act only applies to cases where children are taken into protective custody by the State or in adoption and guardianship cases. The provisions of ICWA do not apply to divorce or child custody cases between private parties. This program's main goal is to reunify native children who have been taken into protective custody by state agencies - with their birth parents. If that is not possible, the ICWA Caseworker works to ensure that the child's Native culture and the child's Native identity are protected.

Tribal Family Caseworker / Outreach Caseworker
The STA Tribal Family Caseworker works with families to strengthen and empower them through advocacy with programs outside of the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, which provides services to our Tribal Citizens. The Tribal Family Caseworker is available to listen, to support, and to assist you and your family in navigating stressful situations successfully.


General Assistance:

  • General Assistance - BIA Welfare. Monthly assistance for any BIA/CIB eligible Client.
  • Community Service Block Grant (CSBG). Emergency Assistance for STA Tribal Citizens that live in the Sitka area 6 months or more, income-eligible.
  • Child Care Assistance (CCDF). Must apply through state and TANF child care assistance before applying to STA Childcare Assistance.



Emergency CSBG Assistance

Employment Assistance Program Application

General Assistance Application

STA LIHEAP Application

Child Care Application

Funeral Assistance Application