Sitka Tribal Enterprises - economic development

STE - Economic Development Director Camille Ferguson is in the process of developing three very promising economic enterprises to help carry the Tribe and its Citizens into the future. Visit this page often to learn the most recent developments! Contact Camille Ferguson at 747-7290.

Sitka Tribal Tours

STE is assessing the Sitka tourism market and its potential for either continued stagnation or growth. While we examine the operations plans for the future, we intend to focus on high quality experiences for visitors, excellence in customer service, and training and retaining high-performing employees. Dale Lindstrom, as Tribal Tours and Dance Show Manager, hires and manages tour drivers and guides, as well as the Naa Kahidi Dancers. Reach Dale Lindstrom at 747-7290, or contact Dale Lindstrom at

Tribal Tannery

Sitka Tribal Tannery has been providing quality fur/skin tanning services for the community of Sitka, clients who reside throughout the state, and customers living outside of Alaska. We specialize in seal and sea otter tanning and will soon expand into sales of sewn fur products around the United States. For information, contact Camille Ferguson at 747-7290.

Sheet'ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi community house

The Community House at 200 Katlian Street (next to the Pioneer Home), continues to be a favorite venue for local events. STE plans to increase the business portfolio of this valuable space by marketing to corporate retreat planners nationwide. We will ensure that this is done with the utmost cultural sensitivity, as this is our place of gathering first and foremost.To reserve the Sheet'ka Kw'an Naa Kah'di Community House, contact Sandy Lorrigan 747-7290.