Language and Education Services

Education, Employment, and Training (EET). Department director Lillian Young manages Higher Education Scholarships, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), a General Education Degree (GED) program and career preparedness. The EET coordinates cultural education programs with the Sitka School District, SNEP, Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center, and at the Southeast Alaska Career Center building at 205 Baranof Street. STA EET has collaborative relationships with many educational entities in Sitka and Southeast Alaska, including the Sitka School District (SSD), Tlingit & Haida Head Start, Sealaska Heritage Institute, and others. Contact EET Director Lillian Young by e-mail at, 966-1357; and Youth Program Coordinator is Hillary Nutting by email at:, 907-966-1356.

Legal Services

Tribal Attorney Diana Bob, advises and provides legal advice and services to STA staff regarding tribal programs, and to the Tribal Council in support of its participation in government-to-government relationships with the local, state, federal, and other tribal governments and agencies. She provides support to the STA Tribal Court, supervises Tribal Court staff and the realty program.

The Tribal Attorney does not provide legal advice or services to Tribal Citizens but may be able to help them find an attorney.

The STA realty officer works closely with restricted property landowners within the Sheet'ka Kwaan. Services provided for restricted property landowners include realty transactions, probate, and estate planning, rights protection, and allotment applications. Tribal Attorney and Realty Officer, may be reached at 747-7163.

Tribal Court

Tribal Court primarily hears three types of cases: Tribal Youth Diversion Effort (TYDE), domestic violence, and children's guardianship and adoption cases. Any enrolled citizen, as well as any non-tribal citizen married to or in a relationship with a tribal citizen, is eligible to access tribal court services. Messages may be left for Chief Judge Pete Esquiro at Tribal Court, currently, our Tribal Court specialist position is vacant.

Realty Services

The STA Realty Officer works closely with restricted property landowners within the Sheet'ka Kwaan. Services for restricted property landowners include realty transactions, probate, and estate planning, rights protection, and pursuing pending allotment applications. Currently Vacant, Realty Officer, may be reached at 747-7163.

Resource Protection Programs

The protection of subsistence resources is vital to the health and well-being of tribal citizens, and the Resource Protection Department (RPD) is STA's first line of defense in the long battle to maintain our traditional resources. The RPD provides continuing advocacy for maintaining tribal citizens' rights to harvest customary & traditional foods. For those who are unable to harvest for themselves, RPD Traditional Foods Program provides some of those foods.

Resource Protection staff includes:

Jeff Feldpausch, Resource Protection Director, 747-7469
Chris Whitehead, Environmental Program Manager, 747-7395
Naomi Bargman, Environmental Research Assistant, 747-7356
Helen Dangel, Fisheries Biologist, 747-7168
Kyle Rosendale, Natural Resource Specialist, 747-7241 
Leigh Engel, Fisheries Technician, 966-9658
Jerry Strelow, Traditional Foods Specialist, 747-7182
Tammy Young, Cultural Coordinator, 747-7167

Will Peterson, Seator Project Manager,, 747-7197

Social Services

The Social and Family Services Director ensures the department provides services to our Tribal families. The department's current focus is on building a prevention program and facilitating healing from domestic violence and sexual assault as well as Indian Child Welfare Case management.

Social Services staff includes:

Melonie Boord, Social Services Director - 

Jade Nodes, Intake Specialist -

Kelsey Carney, Transitional Housing Manager - 

Catherine Rogers, Child Advocacy Center Coordinator,   
David Voluck, ICWA Attorney - represents STA Tribe in ICWA proceedings in State and Tribal Court 
Jean Swanson, Tribal Family Caseworker -
Krista Perala, ICWA Caseworker -    
Social Services is located at 110 American Street - Phone: 747-7293 Fax: 747-7643

Tribal Transportation

"the RIDE"

Catch the RIDE for work, shopping, or to socialize! With our convenient covered bus stops and our timely routes, there's no reason not to catch the RIDE. Transportation Director Gerry Hope and Transportation Coordinator Sabrina Smith may both be reached at 747-7103. Contact Sabrina for bus route, schedule, and fare information, and to purchase passes in various denominations.