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"to exercise sovereign rights and powers, to preserve the integrity of tribal society, and to improve the lives of individual Tribal Citizens"

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Sitka Tribe of Alaska is so lucky to have many of our citizens willing to hold each other up in time of need. We especially see this in times of need as they relate to Child Welfare, and the bringing up our children. Over the past several years, STA has reached out to families and citizens willing to take on our children when in need. It’s been a blessing to be able to give appreciation to those guardians, families, and friends that have stepped up.   In the photo to the left, STA honored Tribal Citizen and guardian Jean Smith recently.  Pictured are: Director of Social Services  Glade Morales, Guardian Jean Smith, Council Member Wilbur Brown, and Chairman Mike Baines.  Photo by Mindy Lowrance.

If you have interest in being a foster parent, guardian, or custodian for a child in need please call Sitka Tribe of Alaska Social Services 907-747-7293.

Are you ready in case of an earthquake? Here are a couple of websites to better inform you on how to prepare in the event of being evacuated due to such a natural disaster.


Here are the updated applications for AVT and Higher Education.

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For Tribal Citizens wishing to be exempt from the "shared responsibility payment," the Affordable Care Act exemption form is here. As the cover page mentions, get help with the form at 1-800-318-2596, or at

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Thank you to all who participated in the 2014 Sitka Herring Festival!